Able Spacehand Célian Martinez permalink

Age Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
48 4 (-1) 9 (1) 5 (-1) 3 (-1) 7 (0) 4 (-1)
Animals 0
Art (Write) 1
Carouse 0
Electronics (Computers) 1
Gunner (Ortillery) 1
Mechanic 2
Melee 0
Persuade 2
Profession (Belter) 1
Recon 1
Seafarer 0
Stealth 0
Survival 0
Drifter Barbarian 0 1
Entertainer Artist 2 2
Navy Engineer/Gunner Crewman 0 1
Navy Line/Crew Able Spacehand 1 3
1Became a Barbarian at age 18
1Betrayed by a friend. One of your Contacts or Allies betrays you, ending your career. That Contact or Ally becomes a Rival or Enemy.
2Became a Artist at age 22
2Find an Alien Artifact.
2Promoted to rank 1
3Continued as Artist at age 26
3One of your pieces of art is stolen, and the investigation brings you into the criminal underworld.
3Promoted to rank 2
4Voluntarily left Artist
4Became a Engineer/Gunner at age 30
4Is now a Crewman
4Placed in the frozen watch (cryogenically stored on board ship) and revived improperly.
5Switched to Line/Crew at age 34
5Gained a contact.
6Continued as Line/Crew at age 38
6Vessel participates in a diplomatic mission.
6Gain a contact.
6Promoted to rank 1
6Is now a Able Spacehand
7Continued as Line/Crew at age 42
7During a battle, defeat or victory depends on your actions. You actions lead to an honorabe discharge.