Corporal Lafayette Nelson permalink

Age Sex Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
68 M 1 (-2) 1 (-2) 1 (-2) 10 (1) 5 (-1) 10 (1)
Vulgar, Beautiful
Admin 0
Animals 0
Athletics (Strength) 1
Carouse 0
Gun Combat (Archaic) 1
Gun Combat (Slug) 1
Language 0
Leadership 1
Melee 0
Pilot (Spacecraft) 1
Recon 0
Seafarer 0
Stealth 0
Steward 1
Streetwise 1
Survival 0
Vacc Suit 0
Drifter Barbarian 0 1
Agent Law Enforcement Corporal 1 2
Scout Explorer 0 2
Noble Dilettante Wastrel 0 4
Retired 0 3
1Became a Barbarian at age 18
1Betrayed by a friend. One of your Contacts or Allies betrays you, ending your career. That Contact or Ally becomes a Rival or Enemy.
2Became a Law Enforcement at age 22
2Is now a Rookie
2Given specialist training in vehicles.
2Promoted to rank 1
2Is now a Corporal
3Continued as Law Enforcement at age 26
3Gained a contact.
4Voluntarily left Law Enforcement
4Became a Explorer at age 30
4Perform an exemplary service for the scouts.
5Continued as Explorer at age 34
5You have no idea what happened to you – they found your ship drifting on the fringes of friendly space.
6Became a Dilettante at age 38
6Is now a Wastrel
6You manipulate and charm your way through high society. Gain a Rival and an Ally.
7Continued as Dilettante at age 42
7An assassin attempts to end your life.
8Aging Crisis. Owe 60,000 for medical bills.
8Continued as Dilettante at age 46
8You make an alliance with a powerful and charismatic noble, who becomes an Ally.
9Aging Crisis. Owe 10,000 for medical bills.
9Continued as Dilettante at age 50
9An assassin attempts to end your life.
9Forced to muster out.
10Aging Crisis. Owe 60,000 for medical bills.
10Retired at age 54
10Moved to a new world.
11Aging Crisis. Owe 30,000 for medical bills.
11Gained a contact.
12Aging Crisis. Owe 50,000 for medical bills.
12Moved to a new world.
13Aging Crisis. Owe 10,000 for medical bills.