Petty Officer, 3rd class Dave Deann permalink

Age Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
61 1 (-2) 4 (-1) 6 (0) 10 (1) 10 (1) 7 (0)
Admin 1
Advocate 0
Animals 0
Astrogation 1
Broker 0
Diplomat 0
Drive 0
Electronics (Remote Ops) 1
Flyer (Grav) 1
Gun Combat (Energy) 1
Gunner (Capital) 1
Leadership 0
Mechanic 1
Pilot (Small Craft) 1
Recon 1
Seafarer 0
Streetwise 2
Vacc Suit 1
Citizen Corporate 0 3
Navy Line/Crew Petty Officer, 3rd class 2 4
Agent Law Enforcement Corporal 1 3
1Became a Corporate at age 18
1Advanced training in a specialist field.
2Continued as Corporate at age 22
2Your business expands, your corporation grows, or the colony thrives.
3Continued as Corporate at age 26
3Hard times caused by a lack of interstellar trade costs you your job.
4Became a Line/Crew at age 30
4Is now a Crewman
4Vessel participates in a notable military engagement.
4Promoted to rank 1
4Is now a Able Spacehand
5Continued as Line/Crew at age 34
5Advanced training in a specialist field
5Promoted to rank 2
5Is now a Petty Officer, 3rd class
6Continued as Line/Crew at age 38
6Refuse to abuse your position for profit
7Continued as Line/Crew at age 42
7Good fortune
7Forced to muster out.
8Became a Law Enforcement at age 46
8Is now a Rookie
8Rewarded for a successful mission.
9Continued as Law Enforcement at age 50
9You go above and beyond the call of duty.
10Continued as Law Enforcement at age 54
10You go above and beyond the call of duty.
10Promoted to rank 1
10Is now a Corporal