Senior Crewman Amelia West permalink

Age Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
48 3 (-1) 7 (0) 9 (1) 9 (1) 9 (1) 8 (0)
Athletics 0
Carouse 0
Diplomat 0
Drive (Hovercraft) 1
Electronics (Computers) 1
Electronics (Sensors) 2
Engineer (J-drive) 1
Gambler 1
Investigate 1
Mechanic 1
Medic 0
Science (Philosophy) 2
Science (Planetology) 1
Science (Sophontology) 1
Vacc Suit 0
Scholar Field Researcher 3 5
Merchant Merchant Marine Senior Crewman 1 2
1Became a Field Researcher at age 18
1A disaster or war strikes.
1Lost eye or limb
1The planetary government interferes with your research for political or religious reasons. You continue working openly and gain an Enemy.
2Continued as Field Researcher at age 22
2Work for an eccentric but brilliant mentor, who becomes an Ally.
2Promoted to rank 1
3Continued as Field Researcher at age 26
3Advanced training in a specialist field.
3Promoted to rank 2
4Continued as Field Researcher at age 30
4Assigned to work on a secret project for a patron or organisation.
4Promoted to rank 3
5Continued as Field Researcher at age 34
5A disaster leaves several injured, and others blame you, forcing you to leave your career. Gain a Rival.
5Lightly injured, no permanent damage,
6Became a Merchant Marine at age 38
6Is now a Crewman
6Make an unexpected connection outside your normal circles. Gain a Contact.
7Continued as Merchant Marine at age 42
7Promoted to rank 1
7Is now a Senior Crewman