Ensign Christoph Bader permalink

Age Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
47 9 (1) 5 (-1) 9 (1) 4 (-1) 6 (0) 8 (0)
Animals 0
Athletics (Endurance) 2
Athletics (Strength) 1
Deception 1
Electronics (Remote Ops) 1
Electronics (Sensors) 1
Engineer (Power) 1
Gun Combat 2
Gunner (Capital) 1
Gunner (Ortillery) 1
Mechanic 2
Melee (Blade) 1
Pilot (Capital Ships) 1
Pilot (Spacecraft) 1
Streetwise 1
Survival 1
Vacc Suit 1
Navy Flight Ensign 1 / 3 5
Drifter Scavenger 1 2
1Became a Flight at age 18
1Is now a Crewman
1A new romantic starts. Gain an Ally.
1Forced to continue current assignment
1Promoted to rank 1
1Is now a Able Spacehand
2Continued as Flight at age 22
2Vessel participates in a notable military engagement.
3Continued as Flight at age 26
3Advanced training in a specialist field
3Promoted to rank 2
3Is now a Petty Officer, 3rd class
4Continued as Flight at age 30
4You join a gambling circle on board.
4Forced to continue current assignment
4Promoted to rank 3
4Is now a Petty Officer, 2nd class
5Continued as Flight at age 34
5Display heroism in battle, saving the whole ship.
5Commissioned in Navy/Flight
5Is now a Ensign
6Voluntarily left Flight
6Became a Scavenger at age 38
6Promoted to rank 1
7Continued as Scavenger at age 42
7Betrayed by a friend. One of your Contacts or Allies betrays you, ending your career. That Contact or Ally becomes a Rival or Enemy.