Field Agent Jacob Louise permalink

Age Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
60 2 (-2) 7 (0) 2 (-2) 6 (0) 5 (-1) 7 (0)
Good, Excitable, Bad
Athletics (Dexterity) 1
Athletics (Strength) 1
Deception 1
Drive (Hovercraft) 1
Drive (Mole) 2
Electronics (Comms) 1
Flyer 0
Gambler 1
Gun Combat (Energy) 1
Gun Combat (Slug) 1
Investigate 1
Mechanic 0
Melee (Bludgeon) 1
Melee (Unarmed) 1
Recon 3
Stealth 1
Steward 0
Streetwise 1
Survival 0
Army Infantry Lance Corporal 1 4
Agent Corporate Agent Field Agent 2 3
Scout Courier 0 2
Entertainer Journalist Freelancer 1 1
1Became a Infantry at age 18
1Is now a Private
1Advanced training in a specialist field
1Attempt at commissioned failed.
2Continued as Infantry at age 22
2A new romantic starts. Gain an Ally.
3Continued as Infantry at age 26
3Betrayal. Convert an Ally into a Rival or Enemy.
3Promoted to rank 1
3Is now a Lance Corporal
4Continued as Infantry at age 30
4Moved to a new world.
4Forced to muster out.
5Became a Corporate Agent at age 34
5An investigation takes on a dangerous turn.
5Promoted to rank 1
5Is now a Agent
6Continued as Corporate Agent at age 38
6A romantic relationship ends badly. Gain a Rival or Enemy.
6Promoted to rank 2
6Is now a Field Agent
7Continued as Corporate Agent at age 42
7Your work ends up coming home with you, and someone gets hurt. Contact or ally takes the worst of 2 injury rolls.
8Became a Courier at age 46
8Your scout ship is one of the first on the scene to rescue the survivors of a disaster but you fail to help. Gain an Enemy.
8Psychologically damaged by your time in the scouts.
9Continued as Courier at age 50
9Perform an exemplary service for the scouts.
10Voluntarily left Courier
10Became a Journalist at age 54
10Moved to a new world.
10Promoted to rank 1
10Is now a Freelancer