Lieutenant Lawson Lynch permalink

Age Sex Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
68 M 1 (-2) 1 (-2) 1 (-2) 5 (-1) 6 (0) 4 (-1)
Advocate 1
Athletics (Strength) 1
Drive (Hovercraft) 1
Drive (Track) 1
Electronics (Comms) 1
Flyer 0
Gun Combat (Archaic) 1
Gun Combat (Slug) 1
Gunner (Ortillery) 1
Leadership 1
Mechanic 2
Melee (Bludgeon) 2
Melee (Unarmed) 1
Navigation 1
Persuade 1
Pilot (Small Craft) 1
Recon 5
Streetwise 1
Survival 0
Vacc Suit 2
Army Infantry Lieutenant 1 / 1 3
Navy Flight Petty Officer, 3rd class 2 4
Merchant Free Trader 1 1
Rogue Enforcer 1 2
Prisoner Fixer 0 2
1Became a Infantry at age 18
1Is now a Private
1Moved to a new world.
1Promoted to rank 1
1Is now a Lance Corporal
2Continued as Infantry at age 22
2Display heroism in battle.
2Commissioned in Army/Infantry
2Is now a Lieutenant
3Continued as Infantry at age 26
3Unit is slaughtered in a disastrous battle, for which you blame your commander. Gain commander as Enemy.
4Became a Flight at age 30
4Is now a Crewman
4Vessel participates in a diplomatic mission.
4Gain a contact.
5Continued as Flight at age 34
5Vessel participates in a notable military engagement.
5Promoted to rank 1
5Is now a Able Spacehand
6Continued as Flight at age 38
6Gained a contact.
6Promoted to rank 2
6Is now a Petty Officer, 3rd class
7Continued as Flight at age 42
7During a battle, defeat or victory depends on your actions. You actions lead to an honorabe discharge.
8Became a Free Trader at age 46
8Refuse to smuggle illegal items onto a planet. Gain an Enemy.
8Promoted to rank 1
9Voluntarily left Free Trader
9Became a Enforcer at age 50
9Gained a contact.
9Promoted to rank 1
10Continued as Enforcer at age 54
11Became a Fixer at age 58
11Persecuted by a prison gang.
12Continued as Fixer at age 62
12Accused of assaulting a prison guard.
13Aging Crisis. Owe 50,000 for medical bills.