3rd Officer Jean Matson permalink

Age Sex Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
57 M 4 (-1) 9 (1) 6 (0) 10 (1) 7 (0) 6 (0)
Art 0
Athletics 0
Carouse 0
Deception 0
Drive 0
Electronics (Comms) 1
Electronics (Computers) 1
Electronics (Remote Ops) 2
Electronics (Sensors) 1
Engineer (Power) 1
Gambler 1
Investigate 1
Jack-of-all-Trades 1
Language (Vilani (1st Imperium)) 1
Mechanic 2
Persuade 0
Pilot (Spacecraft) 1
Steward 0
Entertainer Journalist Freelancer 1 2
Merchant Broker 0 1
Merchant Merchant Marine 3rd Officer 3 6
1Became a Journalist at age 18
1A new romantic starts. Gain an Ally.
1Promoted to rank 1
1Is now a Freelancer
2Continued as Journalist at age 22
2Works is especially well received and popular, making you a minor celebrity
3Voluntarily left Journalist
3Became a Broker at age 26
3Imperial trade restrictions force you out of business.
4Switched to Merchant Marine at age 30
4Is now a Crewman
4Promoted to rank 1
4Is now a Senior Crewman
5Continued as Merchant Marine at age 34
5Given advanced training in a specialist field
5Forced to continue current assignment
5Promoted to rank 2
5Is now a 4th Officer
6Continued as Merchant Marine at age 38
6Make an unexpected connection outside your normal circles. Gain a Contact.
7Continued as Merchant Marine at age 42
7Betrayal. Convert an Ally into a Rival or Enemy.
8Continued as Merchant Marine at age 46
8Promoted to rank 3
8Is now a 3rd Officer
9Continued as Merchant Marine at age 50
9Your ship or starport is destroyed by criminals. Gain them as an Enemy.