Staff Writer Madie Keating permalink

Age Sex Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
59 F 3 (-1) 1 (-2) 1 (-2) 4 (-1) 9 (1) 8 (0)
Confused, Scruffy, Expansive
Admin 0
Art 0
Carouse 1
Deception 0
Drive 0
Electronics (Comms) 1
Electronics (Remote Ops) 1
Gun Combat 1
Investigate 1
Leadership 1
Medic 0
Melee (Blade) 1
Persuade 1
Pilot 0
Steward 1
Streetwise 1
Entertainer Journalist Staff Writer 2 4
Navy Line/Crew Sublieutenant 2 / 0 3
Merchant Free Trader 0 1
Drifter Scavenger 0 1
Retired 0 1
1Became a Journalist at age 18
1A new romantic starts. Gain an Ally.
1Forced to continue current assignment
1Promoted to rank 1
1Is now a Freelancer
2Continued as Journalist at age 22
2Go on a tour of the sector, visiting several worlds. Gain 2 Contacts.
3Continued as Journalist at age 26
3Join homeworld’s celebrity circles
3Promoted to rank 2
3Is now a Staff Writer
4Continued as Journalist at age 30
4Expose or are involved in a scandal of some sort.
5Became a Line/Crew at age 34
5Is now a Crewman
5Moved to a new world.
5Commissioned in Navy/Line/Crew
5Is now a Ensign
6Continued as Line/Crew at age 38
6A romantic relationship deepens, possibly leading to marriage. Gain an Ally.
7Continued as Line/Crew at age 42
7Vessel participates in a diplomatic mission.
7Gain a contact.
7Promoted to officer rank 2
7Is now a Sublieutenant
8Voluntarily left Line/Crew
8Became a Free Trader at age 46
8A series of bad deals and decisions force you into bankruptcy. You salvage what you can.
9Became a Scavenger at age 50
9Attacked by enemies that you easily defeat.
9Gain Enemy if you don't already have one.
10Aging Crisis. Owe 10,000 for medical bills.
10Voluntarily left Scavenger
10Retired at age 54
10Gained a contact.
11Aging Crisis. Owe 40,000 for medical bills.