Able Spacehand Dewey Shorten permalink

Age Sex Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
40 M 6 (0) 8 (0) 9 (1) 8 (0) 3 (-1) 6 (0)
Moping, Bright, Apathetic
Admin 0
Animals 0
Athletics (Endurance) 2
Diplomat 1
Flyer (Wing) 1
Gunner (Screen) 1
Mechanic 1
Survival 0
Vacc Suit 3
Navy Line/Crew Able Spacehand 1 3
Drifter Barbarian 0 1
Scout Courier 0 1
1Became a Line/Crew at age 18
1Is now a Crewman
1Vessel participates in a diplomatic mission.
1Gain a contact.
1Attempt at commissioned failed.
2Continued as Line/Crew at age 22
2You foil an attempted crime on board, such as mutiny, sabotage, smuggling or conspiracy. Gain an Enemy.
2Promoted to rank 1
2Is now a Able Spacehand
3Continued as Line/Crew at age 26
3Betrayal. Convert an Ally into a Rival or Enemy.
3Forced to muster out.
4Became a Barbarian at age 30
4Lost eye or limb
5Became a Courier at age 34
5When dealing with an alien race, you botch an opportunity to gather extra intelligence about them.
5You inadvertently cause a conflict between the Imperium and a minor world or race. Gain a Rival.