Major Joseph Foster permalink

Age Sex Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
59 M 3 (-1) 5 (-1) 3 (-1) 10 (1) 6 (0) 7 (0)
Secretive, Mercurial, Gullible
Art 0
Astrogation 0
Deception 1
Electronics (Computers) 1
Electronics (Sensors) 1
Gambler 3
Gun Combat (Energy) 1
Gun Combat (Slug) 1
Heavy Weapons (Man Portable) 1
Heavy Weapons (Vehicle) 2
Leadership 1
Mechanic 2
Medic 1
Pilot (Small Craft) 1
Profession (Biologicals) 1
Recon 2
Stealth 2
Streetwise 1
Tactics (Military) 1
Tactics (Naval) 1
Vacc Suit 1
Marine Marine Support Corporal 2 3
Scout Surveyor 0 1
Merchant Merchant Marine Senior Crewman 1 2
Army Army Support Major 3 / 0 4
1Became a Marine Support at age 18
1Is now a Marine
1Find Ancient Technology.
1Promoted to rank 1
1Is now a Lance Corporal
2Continued as Marine Support at age 22
2Trapped behind enemy lines.
2Promoted to rank 2
2Is now a Corporal
3Continued as Marine Support at age 26
3Commanding officer takes an interest in your career.
4Voluntarily left Marine Support
4Became a Surveyor at age 30
4Your ship is damaged, and you have to hitch-hike your way back across the stars to the nearest scout base.
4Gain 1 Contacts. Gain 3 Enemies.
5Became a Merchant Marine at age 34
5Is now a Crewman
5Risk your fortune on a possibility lucrative deal and win.
5Promoted to rank 1
5Is now a Senior Crewman
6Continued as Merchant Marine at age 38
6A sudden war destroys your trade routes and contacts, forcing you to flee that region of space.
6Gain rebels as Enemy
7Became a Army Support at age 42
7Is now a Private
7Surrounded and outnumbered by the enemy, you hold out until relief arrives.
7Commissioned in Army/Army Support
7Is now a Lieutenant
8Continued as Army Support at age 46
8A romantic relationship deepens, possibly leading to marriage. Gain an Ally.
9Continued as Army Support at age 50
9Gained a contact.
9Promoted to officer rank 2
9Is now a Captain
10Continued as Army Support at age 54
10Commanding officer takes an interest in your career.
10Promoted to officer rank 3
10Is now a Major