Corporal Magnus Petersen permalink

Age Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
48 1 (-2) 4 (-1) 3 (-1) 7 (0) 5 (-1) 6 (0)
Animals (Veterinary) 1
Athletics (Dexterity) 1
Athletics (Endurance) 1
Broker 0
Deception 0
Drive 0
Electronics 0
Gun Combat (Archaic) 1
Gunner (Screen) 1
Language (Vilani (1st Imperium)) 1
Mechanic 1
Medic 0
Persuade 0
Recon 1
Steward 0
Streetwise 1
Survival 0
Vacc Suit 1
Merchant Merchant Marine Senior Crewman 1 3
Rogue Pirate Corporal 2 3
Scholar Field Researcher 0 1
1Became a Merchant Marine at age 18
1Is now a Crewman
1Refuse to smuggle illegal items onto a planet. Gain an Enemy.
2Continued as Merchant Marine at age 22
2Embroiled in legal trouble.
2Forced to continue current assignment
2Promoted to rank 1
2Is now a Senior Crewman
3Continued as Merchant Marine at age 26
3Forced to muster out.
4Became a Pirate at age 30
4Is now a Lackey
4Victim of a crime
4Promoted to rank 1
4Is now a Henchman
5Continued as Pirate at age 34
5Refuse to backstab a fellow rogue for personal gain. Gain an Ally
5Promoted to rank 2
5Is now a Corporal
6Continued as Pirate at age 38
6Betrayed by a friend. One of your Contacts or Allies betrays you, ending your career. That Contact or Ally becomes a Rival or Enemy.
7Became a Field Researcher at age 42
7An expedition or voyage goes wrong, leaving you stranded in the wilderness.