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Age Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
67 2 (-2) 3 (-1) 1 (-2) 5 (-1) 8 (0) 7 (0)
Art (Holography) 1
Art (Instrument) 1
Art (Write) 1
Astrogation 0
Athletics (Endurance) 1
Carouse 3
Gun Combat (Slug) 1
Investigate 1
Jack-of-all-Trades 1
Mechanic 0
Persuade 1
Pilot 0
Profession (Hydroponics) 1
Seafarer 0
Stealth 2
Steward 1
Streetwise 2
Vacc Suit 1
Drifter Scavenger 1 2
Drifter Barbarian 0 3
Entertainer Performer 3 3
Entertainer Artist 3 4
1Became a Scavenger at age 18
1Survived a risky adventure but gained nothing.
1Promoted to rank 1
2Continued as Scavenger at age 22
2Offered job by a patron. Now owe him a favor.
3Switched to Barbarian at age 26
3You do not know what happened to you. There is a gap in your memory.
4Became a Performer at age 30
4Win a prestigious prize.
4Promoted to rank 1
5Continued as Performer at age 34
5One of your pieces of art is stolen, and the investigation brings you into the criminal underworld.
5Promoted to rank 2
6Continued as Performer at age 38
6Gain a patron in the arts. Gain an Ally
6Promoted to rank 3
7Voluntarily left Performer
7Returned to Barbarian at age 42
7Find valuable salvage.
8Continued as Barbarian at age 46
8Betrayed by a friend. One of your Contacts or Allies betrays you, ending your career. That Contact or Ally becomes a Rival or Enemy.
9Switched to Artist at age 50
9Criticised a questionable political leader on your homeworld, causing his downfall. Gain an Enemy
9Promoted to rank 1
10Continued as Artist at age 54
10Gain a patron in the arts. Gain an Ally
10Promoted to rank 2
11Continued as Artist at age 58
11A new romantic starts. Gain an Ally.
11Promoted to rank 3
12Aging Crisis. Owe 20,000 for medical bills.
12Continued as Artist at age 62
12Go on a tour of the sector, visiting several worlds. Gain 3 Contacts.
12Forced to muster out.
13Aging Crisis. Owe 50,000 for medical bills.