Edwin Francis permalink

Age Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
51 9 (1) 8 (0) 1 (-2) 7 (0) 10 (1) 4 (-1)
Nit Picker
Admin 1
Animals 0
Astrogation 1
Diplomat 0
Drive 0
Electronics (Computers) 1
Electronics (Sensors) 2
Engineer (Life Support) 1
Engineer (Power) 1
Heavy Weapons 0
Investigate 1
Language 0
Mechanic 0
Medic 1
Persuade 1
Science (Chemistry) 1
Science (Genetics) 1
Science (Xenology) 2
Scholar Scientist 3 7
University Failed
1Entered University at age 18
1Study Heavy Weapons (Artillery) as a hobby.
1Dropped out of university.
2Became a Scientist at age 22
2Assigned to work on a secret project for a patron or organisation.
3Continued as Scientist at age 26
3Entangled in a bureaucratic or legal morass that distracts you from your work.
3Forced to continue current assignment
3Promoted to rank 1
4Continued as Scientist at age 30
4Make a breakthrough in your field.
4Promoted to rank 2
5Continued as Scientist at age 34
5Win a prestigious prize for your work.
6Continued as Scientist at age 38
6Advanced training in a specialist field.
7Continued as Scientist at age 42
7Work for an eccentric but brilliant mentor, who becomes an Ally.
7Promoted to rank 3
8Continued as Scientist at age 46
8Advanced training in a specialist field.
8Forced to muster out.