Director Wong Nealie permalink

Age Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
63 1 (-2) 1 (-2) 1 (-2) 6 (0) 8 (0) 10 (1)
Admin 2
Advocate 2
Animals (Handling) 1
Art (Instrument) 1
Art (Visual Media) 1
Diplomacy 1
Diplomat 2
Drive 0
Electronics 0
Gambler 2
Investigate 0
Language (Zdetl (Zhodani)) 1
Leadership 1
Medic 0
Melee (Natural) 1
Persuade 1
Science 0
Survival 0
Noble Administrator Director 5 7
Drifter Barbarian 0 1
Retired 0 2
University Failed
1Entered University at age 18
1Study Drive (Mole) as a hobby.
1Dropped out of university.
2Became a Administrator at age 22
2Is now a Assistant
2Inherit a gift from a rich relative.
2Promoted to rank 1
2Is now a Clerk
3Continued as Administrator at age 26
3Become deeply involved in politics on your world of residence, becoming a player in the political intrigues of government. Gain a Rival.
3Promoted to rank 2
3Is now a Supervisor
4Continued as Administrator at age 30
4Refuse to join a conspiracy of nobles. Gain an Enemy.
4Promoted to rank 3
4Is now a Manager
5Continued as Administrator at age 34
5Your reign is acclaimed by all as being fair and wise – or in the case of a dilettante, you sponge off your family’s wealth a while longer. Gain either a jealous relative or an unhappy subject as an Enemy.
5Promoted to rank 4
5Is now a Chief
6Continued as Administrator at age 38
6Inherit a gift from a rich relative.
7Continued as Administrator at age 42
7Inherit a gift from a rich relative.
7Promoted to rank 5
7Is now a Director
8Continued as Administrator at age 46
8time as a ruler or playboy gives you a wide range of experiences.
8Forced to muster out.
9Became a Barbarian at age 50
9run afoul of a criminal gang, corrupt bureaucrat or other foe. Gain an Enemy.
10Aging Crisis. Owe 40,000 for medical bills.
10Retired at age 54
10A new romantic starts. Gain an Ally.
11Aging Crisis. Owe 50,000 for medical bills.
11A new romantic starts. Gain an Ally.
12Aging Crisis. Owe 60,000 for medical bills.