Able Spacehand Esperanza Cano permalink

Age Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
73 1 (-2) 1 (-2) 1 (-2) 8 (0) 9 (1) 5 (-1)
Animals 0
Art 0
Carouse 1
Engineer (M-drive) 2
Flyer 0
Gun Combat 2
Language 0
Mechanic 1
Melee (Blade) 1
Profession (Belter) 1
Seafarer 0
Stealth 1
Steward 1
Survival 0
Vacc Suit 1
Drifter Barbarian 0 3
Scout Courier 0 1
Agent Intelligence 0 1
Navy Flight Able Spacehand 1 2
Entertainer Journalist 0 1
Retired 0 4
University Graduated
1Entered University at age 18
1Study Art (Visual Media) as a hobby.
1Graduated at age 22.
2Became a Barbarian at age 22
2Attempted a risky adventure and was wildly successful.
3Continued as Barbarian at age 26
4Continued as Barbarian at age 30
4run afoul of a criminal gang, corrupt bureaucrat or other foe. Gain an Enemy.
5Became a Courier at age 34
5You have no idea what happened to you – they found your ship drifting on the fringes of friendly space.
6Became a Intelligence at age 38
6Accepted a deal with criminal or other figure under investigation.
7Became a Flight at age 42
7Is now a Crewman
7Vessel participates in a diplomatic mission.
7Promoted to rank 1
7Is now a Able Spacehand
8Voluntarily left Flight
8Became a Journalist at age 46
8Public opinion turns on you.
9Returned to Flight at age 50
9Severely injured
10Aging Crisis. Owe 20,000 for medical bills.
10Retired at age 54
10Betrayal. Convert an Ally into a Rival or Enemy.
11Aging Crisis. Owe 40,000 for medical bills.
11Gained a contact.
12Aging Crisis. Owe 30,000 for medical bills.
12A romantic relationship deepens, possibly leading to marriage. Gain an Ally.
13Aging Crisis. Owe 10,000 for medical bills.
13Lost eye or limb
14Aging Crisis. Owe 20,000 for medical bills.