Lieutenant Vincent Morgan permalink

Age Sex Str Dex End Int Edu Soc
65 M 4 (-1) 1 (-2) 1 (-2) 6 (0) 9 (1) 2 (-2)
Unsystematic, Splendid
Astrogation 0
Athletics (Dexterity) 1
Carouse 0
Drive (Hovercraft) 1
Drive (Wheel) 1
Electronics 0
Engineer (Power) 1
Gun Combat (Archaic) 1
Gun Combat (Energy) 1
Gunner (Turret) 1
Leadership 1
Mechanic 0
Melee (Blade) 1
Navigation 1
Profession (Hydroponics) 1
Science 0
Streetwise 0
Vacc Suit 1
Citizen Worker 1 2
Rogue Pirate Henchman 1 2
Scout Surveyor 0 1
Navy Engineer/Gunner Lieutenant 3 / 0 4
Retired 0 2
1Became a Worker at age 18
1Your business expands, your corporation grows, or the colony thrives.
1Promoted to rank 1
2Continued as Worker at age 22
2Life ruined by a criminal gang. Gain the gang as an Enemy
3Became a Pirate at age 26
3Is now a Lackey
3Gained a contact.
3Promoted to rank 1
3Is now a Henchman
4Continued as Pirate at age 30
5Became a Surveyor at age 34
5Your ship is ambushed by enemy vessels. Attempted to bargain with them but fail and the ship is destroyed.
6Became a Engineer/Gunner at age 38
6Is now a Crewman
6Refuse to abuse your position for profit
6Commissioned in Navy/Engineer/Gunner
6Is now a Ensign
7Continued as Engineer/Gunner at age 42
7You foil an attempted crime on board, such as mutiny, sabotage, smuggling or conspiracy. Gain an Enemy.
7Promoted to officer rank 2
7Is now a Sublieutenant
8Continued as Engineer/Gunner at age 46
8A new romantic starts. Gain an Ally.
8Promoted to officer rank 3
8Is now a Lieutenant
9Continued as Engineer/Gunner at age 50
9You are tormented by or quarrel with an officer or fellow crewman. Gain that character as a Rival.
10Aging Crisis. Owe 40,000 for medical bills.
10Retired at age 54
10Moved to a new world.
11Aging Crisis. Owe 60,000 for medical bills.
11Gained a contact.
12Aging Crisis. Owe 40,000 for medical bills.