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Choose a world above or enter the UWP for the origin and destination.
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Random World


Broker Score (INT) Streetwise Score (INT)

Trade Calculator

Lowers the odds of finding rare goods. Adjusts the amount of goods available based on population.


If you don't check this, all items are printed with the roll the player needs.


Mongoose 1
(only used when a terrain is selected)
Animal Encounters
(only used when a terrain is selected)
Note: this requires Supplment 11: Animal Encounters to make sense. If you don't have that book, use the Mongoose 1 tool.


This is used for creating NPCs only. Certain liberties where taken with the rules to allow for random character generation.
First Career First Assignment Final Career Final Assignment Age
Desired Skills
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Names are based on RandomUser.me and historic sources.
Personality traits are based on 1,000 NPC Traits